Friday, September 14, 2012

Saboten Con 2012

This weekend was a total blast! I got to be made over into Gyaru style for the J-Fashion Makeover panel, I got to wear an awesome outfit for the J-Fashion Show. Held a mini swap meet in a room and had a pretty good turn out, and meet new and old lolis. I got a bunch of new skirts, and got rid of all the old stuff I don't wear! So my closet is finally cleaned out, I'm supper stoaked!

Lets begin with the first day:

I started off by wearing my skirt from We're All Mad Here, bodyline blouse, socks, and shoes. I chose a skirt because this was my lazy day wear that I can easily take on and off for when I changed for the makeover, and the fashion show. The very thing to do was to have our mini swap. Unforetunately, only me and one other showed up, but I still managed to trade for a new skirt! Apparently it was a replica of an Innocent World embroidery skirt, but too be honest, if I wasn't told about it, I really would have not known, as I've never need the original before.

After the mini failed swap, I hurried off to the J-Fashion Makeover panel room to change and have my makeup done.

Waiting for our makeup to be done.

Look how smexy we all are!!! XD
After the panel, I had to run again, so instead of changing in the bathroom, I changed in the room and got "Loli Naked" XD I figured with my blouse, bloomers, and two petticoats, nobody was going to see anything! ;p

Later on was the J-Fashion show. There were SO many people in it! Tons of Lolita, of course, fairy-kei, VK, some Punk, and Aristocrat. I actually had some outfit malfunctions, but I think my last minuet outfit came out amazing just the same. The corset, neck ruffle, and socks made by my amazingly talented friend.

My super awesome Fashion Show Outfit.
Our amazing designer, and our modeling group. ♥
And a quick break from these pictures to show you this super cool car that I would love to own, but HATE to get hit by!!!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos this weekend. I did get the outfit shot from the coord I wore to the club/bar event though! I re-wore it on Sunday!

Sadly, I had to go to work on Monday, so I completely missed the tea party...I was really bummed...

But my weekend was loads of fun, and I can't wait for my next chance to go to a con or even just have another day off of work to even wear my frills instead of my uniform!♥

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