Friday, September 14, 2012

Saboten Con 2012

This weekend was a total blast! I got to be made over into Gyaru style for the J-Fashion Makeover panel, I got to wear an awesome outfit for the J-Fashion Show. Held a mini swap meet in a room and had a pretty good turn out, and meet new and old lolis. I got a bunch of new skirts, and got rid of all the old stuff I don't wear! So my closet is finally cleaned out, I'm supper stoaked!

Lets begin with the first day:

I started off by wearing my skirt from We're All Mad Here, bodyline blouse, socks, and shoes. I chose a skirt because this was my lazy day wear that I can easily take on and off for when I changed for the makeover, and the fashion show. The very thing to do was to have our mini swap. Unforetunately, only me and one other showed up, but I still managed to trade for a new skirt! Apparently it was a replica of an Innocent World embroidery skirt, but too be honest, if I wasn't told about it, I really would have not known, as I've never need the original before.

After the mini failed swap, I hurried off to the J-Fashion Makeover panel room to change and have my makeup done.

Waiting for our makeup to be done.

Look how smexy we all are!!! XD
After the panel, I had to run again, so instead of changing in the bathroom, I changed in the room and got "Loli Naked" XD I figured with my blouse, bloomers, and two petticoats, nobody was going to see anything! ;p

Later on was the J-Fashion show. There were SO many people in it! Tons of Lolita, of course, fairy-kei, VK, some Punk, and Aristocrat. I actually had some outfit malfunctions, but I think my last minuet outfit came out amazing just the same. The corset, neck ruffle, and socks made by my amazingly talented friend.

My super awesome Fashion Show Outfit.
Our amazing designer, and our modeling group. ♥
And a quick break from these pictures to show you this super cool car that I would love to own, but HATE to get hit by!!!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos this weekend. I did get the outfit shot from the coord I wore to the club/bar event though! I re-wore it on Sunday!

Sadly, I had to go to work on Monday, so I completely missed the tea party...I was really bummed...

But my weekend was loads of fun, and I can't wait for my next chance to go to a con or even just have another day off of work to even wear my frills instead of my uniform!♥

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Catch up Post of Doom!!!!!

Ok! So I finally have access to a computer and not just my phone for internet access! Good news is, my mother is giving me a computer, and in a few weeks I will have internet at my own apartment! I am so excited! It will be so much easier and faster to be able to update this blog then, and more good news, I will finally be goig back to school!!! Well...sort of...with my work schedule I really don't have much free time, so I will be doing online school! My dream is to be a kindergarden teacher, so I will finally begin my studdies to fufil my dream!

So what have I been up to this past summer? Well, for one, this coming up weekend I will be attending SabotenCon in Phoenix! Mainly I am going because my lovely amazing and extremely talented friend is going to be showcasing some pieces in the JFashion show, and she asked me to be one of her models! Of course I could never say no to her, plus, have I mentioned she is amazingly talented? I cant wait to see the finished outfit and get to try it on! In addition to that, I will also be a makeover model in the JFashion Makeover show. Now, lolita is my go-to regular clothing, so I'm going to be made over into Gyaru style! @_@ I am so nervouse, yet so excited! I've always really liked the Gyaru look, but honestly I have no idea if it would eve suit me, or even where to begin with it! So this is going to be a fun experience! ♥

Well, I suppose as far as all the catching up photos, I should start with the very first and go on till the most recent...

International Lolita Day! (ILD) I was really bummed, I ended up over sleeping and missing the lolita meet in the next town over. I had just recieved the new Angelic Pretty print Little Bird's Symphonia, and I really wanted to wear it to the meet. unfortunately, I slept through my alarm somehow, and didn't wake up untill 10am. The meet was in a town 2 hours away, and was from 10-noon, so I got there as everyone had just left. :[

BUT! It was international Lolita Day! I wasnt going to let my day be ruined just because I couldn't attend a silly little tea party! We go out for tea and food all the time! So I picked up a fellow lolita who is wonerful, (I love her like a little sister! ♥) and we hit up a rave! It was amazing! DJ S3RL was playing that night, and I got to danc to my favorite songs by him such as Pika Girl and Pretty Rave Girl! It was an amazing night and I met new friends, and ran into old friends as well! And though my outfit was "raved-up" a bit for the ocasion, I still wore lolita in honnor of ILD! Loli's gotta represent!

About a month later, I traveled back up to Poenix to see my amazing friend again for her birthday~
We traveled the mall a bit, and my boyfriend came, and paid for us to ride the carousel, and then hit up a water park! At night!!!!! ♥

There hasn't been much else, as I have been extremely busy for work. I have gone to another Club Sanctuary event at the local goth bar, but I didn't get a good photo of my outfit that night, so I am going to just re-wear it at the con this weekend in hopes I don't forget this weekend! XP I just have this one photo of me and my boyfriend when we got back to my place.

Soooo...I guess that's about it for now, I'll have tons more after this weekend! I am so excited! ♥


Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Absence

i have so many photos and events from this past summer to share. unfortunately with bloggers new changes this summer, it has made it nearly impossible for me to post using my phone. good news is, My mother is giving me her computer, and my father may help me pay for internet, so I will hopefully soon have full internet access again! I have also been able to nab a few new pieces this summer for my wardrobe, and have moved to a larger apartment, so i hope to be able to finally make a wardrobe video as well now that i have enough room to stop living out of boxes and fully unpack! so look foreward to tons of pictures and catch up posts this fall! c:

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Birthday + more! ♥

On Sunday, May 13th, was mothers day, it was also my 22nd birthday! Unfortunately I had to work all day long and it was pretty much the worst, most boring days of my life, but the day before on Saturday the 12th, I had a birthday party picnic thing at a local park for me and my friends, since I had that day off!

I had a rainbow birthday cake, a pinata (which i filled with glitter so it would explode outward when the pinata was broken...and it totally worked!), and even a water balloon fight!

Me and my bestie ♥

My first Lolita friend I ever met. I really love this girl! Shes always so cute and fun and we need to chill more! ♥

All the awesome people who were able to come! I hope everyone had as much fun hanging out and derpin around as i did! ♥

My awesome and delicious rainbow birthday cake made by the wonderful Nadine of Mrs. Browns Bath Bakery. I am so glad lolita led me to meet all these wonderful people!

After a while at the park, some people had to leave, but thoes who were left, we decided to have a girls night out and find a bar to drink. My friend Iris made her boyfriend be our D.D. so our nightly adventures could begin!

We went bar hopping a bit, had some pizza, but mainly we stayed at one bar called IBTs which is our local gay bar. By a lucky coincidence they had a drag show going on that night and I got to see an amazing impersination of Cher! I am a super huge Cher fan since I was really little so that was an amazing birthday coincidence!

aaaaaand random panda boobie squishing! XD

The next day at work was pretty plain and boring, but I was really excited because my mama decided to suprise me and called up my store and ordered a big beautiful glittery birthday boquet to be delivered to the meat department while I was working! ♥

You can sort of see the glitter here. It was everywhere!!!!! Perfect for me! :]

A few days later I was able to see one of my friends who wasn't able to make the party due to work. She baked me the coolest cake I have ever had in my entire life!!!!!!!The detailes of the dress print is super amazing! She told me that it actually took her days to complete, and I am honestly not suprised!

Even her little hair bow is made of icing! ♥

check out all the little icing bows!!!

I can't believe all the detail and work that went into this cake! I don't even want to eat it! It's currently living in my freezer so it wont go bad so I can keep on staring at it's amazingness!

In other news, my baby sister graduated high school! I am so proud of her! I can't believe how big she is allready! I remember when I got to first see her in the hospital and I got to hold her for the first time! ♥

Me, my baby sister, and my Mama. ♥

So that's pretty much what's been going on with me. I have a few other photos to share too:

New makeup I tried. I actually really like how it turned out despite my dislike for yellow.

Some of the projects I have made recently for orders in my etsy shop!
A pretty rainbow and black beadkini
with hearts on the neck strap.
Made for EDC this year in Las Vegas.
(Wish I could go!!!!!)

Heart and Star Rastafarian Beadkini
Made for 420

I also just finished another beadkini, but I forgot to get a photo of it, I'm really sad...It was super freaking awesome! Hopefully I can get the girl to send me a photo of it so I can show off my skillz to people! :p

Anyways I hope you like my work!
If you would like to visit my etsy, please feel free to drop by! ♥

Friday, May 11, 2012

May Day Meet up

So on April 28th, we had out May Day Picnic (since May 1st fell in the middle of the week). I have had a cyber outfit I had morphing in my head for months! I was so excited to finally be able to turn it from thought, to in the flesh! ♥ First thing I did was my makeup:

Pretty right? Even withought the clothes added, I LOVE crazy pretty glittery makeup! ♥ Now onto my magical transformation!

I also did my nails all glittery in a ranbow pastel pattern.

At the meet we played a silly bored game, I dont remember what it was called...Quelf  I think? Anyways, at one point we were suppose to draw traps and place them on the boad. I drew Mana. Funnily enough, one of the  players lannded on the space where Mana lay waiting...and he fell for the trap that was Mana- super lovely lolita...that is actually a MAN! XD It was even more funny when then wind pushed over the character so it looked like he fell on top of Mana! XP

We also had a cupcake decorating contest!

This is suppose to be a beautiful spring field with a dog poo on it XP Mine...obviously didnt win anything...but I couldnt help myself haha!

Two other cupcakes made. They are both super cute!!! ♥ the pink and brown one makes me think of a split wig! I think I want to dye my hair like this!!! If I remember correctly I think one of these also won something? I don't remember. There were 3 different  titles you could win. :]

Another one I did. This was actually my serious entry. And I did win for overal favorite! ♥

This was a butterfly!!! I do believe this one won the craziest/wierdest title! It was really cool! ♥

This was my personal favorite! ♥ If you can tell, its flowers, and at the top is the sun! ♥

And our group shot! ♥

Of course I couldnt leave without my awesome Polar Bear bag (I converted herinto a bag myself several years ago). Normaly she is all decked out in kandi for raves, but I decoed her out in my btssb wrist cuffs and a bunch of other lolita accessories to match me! ♥

After the meet, one of the lolitas and I traveled to the nearest mall to watch the new movie Mirror, Mirror. It was amazing!!!!!! Afterwards we went to shop around Forever21 for some nice cool summer pieces. I left my fuzzies and falls in the car so I could...errr....blend

Outside we found some really cool chalk drawings out on the sidewalk!

That was an amazing day! thankyou for looking! ♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My first Photoshoot

About 3 1/2 years ago, my friend and I hiked up a trail carying tons of equipment in the mountains for a photo shoot. In fact, it was such a long time ago, I forgot all about it until my friend re-discovered them on her computer, and uploaded them to facebook! So, I figured I'd share them here! :]

Seeing these again really make me want to have another shoot! It was such a fun day! Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy! ♥

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Come to the rori side of the force...we have cake!

So, I will admit, I am guilty of converting my "normal" friends to the frilly side. The do not participate in online communities or have gone to any meetups, but they adore the fashion. They dem to prefer casual gothic our kuro the best.

I bought my friend Ariana a cute black jsk from bodyline this past christmas. And for my other dear friend Emily, I was the middle man for her first lolita purchase, which was a black bodyline OP.

Unfortunately since I moved back in january, I have seen little to none of my best friends, which I no longer live by. So it was a real treat the other day when we all went out together dressed in our black frills.

First we had an awesome dinner at Olive Garden, and then we were off to the mall for some random derpin adventure! Below I have added a few pictures of our evening out together.